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Euro 2012 Timetable/Schedule  

  [ Group A ] [ Group B ] [ Group C ] [ Group D ]


Times given are Ukraine time. Take off 1 hour for Europe and 2 hours for UK time.





Fri 8th June Warsaw Poland v Greece 19.00
Fri 8th June Wroclaw Russia v Czech Republic 21.45
Sat 9th June Kharkiv Netherlands v Denmark 19.00
Sat 9th June Lviv Germany v Portugal 21.45
Sun 10th June Gdansk Spain v Italy 19.00
Sun 10th June Poznan Rep of Ireland v Croatia 21.45
Mon 11th June Donetsk France v England 19.00
Mon 11th June Kiev Ukraine v Sweden 21.45
Tue 12th June Wroclaw Greece v Czech Republic 19.00
Tue 12th June Warsaw Poland v Russia 21.45
Wed 13th June Lviv Denmark v Portugal 19.00
Wed 13th June Kharkiv Netherlands v Germany 21.45
Thu 14th June Poznan Italy v Croatia 19.00
Thu 14th June Gdansk Spain v Rep of Ireland 21.45
Fri 15th June Kiev Sweden v England 19.00
Fri 15th June Donetsk Ukraine v France 21.45
Sat 16th June Wroclaw Czech Republic v Poland 21.45
Sat 16th June Warsaw Greece v Russia 21.45
Sun 17th June Kharkiv Portugal v Netherlands 21.45
Sun 17th June Lviv Denmark v Germany 21.45
Mon 18th June Gdansk Croatia v Spain 21.45
Mon 18th June Poznan Italy v Rep of Ireland 21.45
Tue 19th June Donetsk England v Ukraine 21.45
Tue 19th June Kiev Sweden v France 21.45

Euro 2012 Quarter Final Timetable / Schedule / Fixtures


Thu 21st June A – Warsaw 1st Group A v 2nd Group B 21.45
Fri 22nd June B – Gdansk 1st Group B v 2nd Group A 21.45
Sat 23rd June C – Donetsk 1st Group C v 2nd Group D 21.45
Sun 24th June D – Kiev 1st Group D v 2nd Group C 21.45

Euro 2012 Semi Final Timetable / Schedule / Fixtures


Wed 27th June Donetsk Winner A v Winner C 21.45
Thu 28th June Warsaw Winner B v Winner D 21.45

Euro 2012 Final


Sun 1st July Kiev   21.45

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